The Meaning of Roses
All roses symbolize love, but each rose has a special symbolic meaning. So before you send your love roses, make sure you know what your precious gift is saying to your love's heart.


Rose Colors
Dark Red
Dark Pink
Light Pink
Coral or orange
Deep Burgundy

Passion, respect, love, strength
Inner beauty, love, passion
Joy, gladness, freedom, commitment
Gratitude, admiration, sympathy, sincerity
Grace, gentility, appreciation, tenderness
Admiration, sympathy, happiness, friendship
Reverence, Purity, Secrecy
Happiness, endless joy
Desire or enthusiasm
Endless inner Beauty


Other Meanings
     Two roses joined together symbolizes engagement.
     A Red and White Rose together symbolizes Unity.
     A single red rose in bloom says, "I love you!"
     Tearoses symbolize "I'll always remember you."
     Rose leaves are a symbol of hope.
     Red rose buds mean pure, beauty, or lovely.
     White rosebuds symbolize innocence or youth.
     A rose in bloom placed over two buds means secrecy.
     No thorns represent a truce or no fighting.

Roses aren't just for women! Over 75% of men say that they'd like to receive roses, and roses are nearly everyone's favorite flower.